Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is one cause of wrist pain, but there are many other reasons for pain in and around the wrist, elbow, and neck. At Foundation of Health Chiropractic Center, Thomas Rardin, DC, has been diagnosing and treating carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions causing upper body pain for more than 26 years. Dr. Rardin uses gentle, noninvasive techniques to correct the specific issue behind your pain, whether it’s due to carpal tunnel syndrome, injury, misalignment, or something else. Call the San Diego, California, office or book your appointment online today.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Q&A

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome describes numbness, tingling, and pain in the wrist and part of the hand. It happens because of a compressed nerve (the median nerve) inside the carpal tunnel (the circular cage of tiny bones and ligaments) in the wrist. 

How common is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects around 10 million Americans today. But, not all wrist-area symptoms are actually carpal tunnel syndrome.

Many people who have wrist pain and stiffness and other symptoms like elbow and neck pain assume that they have carpal tunnel syndrome. But, in many cases, the real cause is another injury or misalignment.  

To be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, you must have significant numbness (which may include tingling and pain) in the thumb, index, and middle fingers, as well as the side of the ring finger closest to the thumb.

These are the tell-tale symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome because those fingers are served by the median nerve. 

Of course, carpal tunnel syndrome can occur alongside other issues. For example, some people with neck pain have an injury to their brachial plexus. Those nerve roots travel downward and turn into the median nerve, so it makes sense that both areas can be affected at once. 

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

Many factors may be at play with carpal tunnel syndrome. These include:

  • Frequent repetitive hand motions
  • Hormone fluctuations, like those that occur with thyroid dysfunction
  • Metabolic changes, like those that occur with diabetes
  • Wrist trauma after injuries like a sprain or fracture

Numerous other factors may also contribute, but these are the most common. 

How is carpal tunnel syndrome treated?

Dr. Rardin uses a gentle, whole-person-centered approach to healing. He performs advanced chiropractic manipulations to the neck, back, wrist, elbow, and other areas of pain. 

Dr. Rardin also provides a special blueprint plan for faster healing. This involves prescription exercises at home. You can build strength, range of motion, and flexibility, which supports your spine and wrist to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Additionally, Dr. Rardin is a lifestyle counseling specialist. He works with you to determine what controllable factors might be worsening your symptoms and helps you make changes to avoid those things. 

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