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Diversified Technique

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The Diversified technique is the most popular and common chiropractic care technique, with such dependable results that more than 95% of chiropractors use it in their practice today. At Foundation of Health Chiropractic Center in San Diego, California, elite chiropractor Thomas Rardin, DC, has decades of experience with Diversified technique and other advanced methods of spine health care. Book your appointment online or phone the office to speak to a spine care expert now.

Diversified Technique Q&A

What is the Diversified technique?

The Diversified technique is the method that most people expect with chiropractic care. This technique involves low amplitude (short) and high velocity (fast) thrusts above spinal joints. 

So, when the back “cracks” during a chiropractic adjustment, it’s usually because the Diversified technique movements can cause joint cavitation. 

Essentially, this means that the specific thrusting movements reduce pressure in the joint cavity. This causes the joint fluid (synovial fluid) to release gas, causing the cracking sound. With that pressure released, the joint can return to its optimal position.

What problems can the Diversified technique treat?

The Diversified technique can treat many different problems, including:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Pain that radiates down an arm 
  • Pain that radiates down a leg
  • Migraine headaches

The Diversified technique, as the name implies, has diverse applications. Because it’s focused specifically on releasing joint pressure, it’s ideal for many different joints in the body.

What can I expect during Diversified technique adjustments?

During Diversified technique adjustments at Foundation of Health Chiropractic Center, Dr. Rardin starts by palpating the areas where you’re experiencing discomfort or pain. This helps him determine exactly where to perform the adjustments. 

Next, Dr. Rardin positions you in various ways based on which area he’s treating. He may ask you to lie on your back, stomach, or side and also position your arms and legs in specific ways so he can have ideal access to the joint he’s treating.

The adjustment itself takes just a moment, and you may feel a popping sensation. The adjustments are comfortable, and many people feel a sense of relief right away. 

Dr. Rardin can use the Diversified technique to treat multiple joints during a single chiropractic care session.   

The Diversified technique is only one aspect of your spine health care at Foundation of Health Chiropractic Center, though. Dr. Rardin provides special blueprint exercises that help you strengthen the muscles around your joints. 

This leads to better results from adjustments, less chance of injury, and better long-term spine health. 

In addition, Dr. Rardin is a nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle specialist who can tailor a whole-person wellness plan to help you feel your best for the long term.

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